Struggling Palestinians

Stepping on the sea
Looking at the dark ways
Breathing with the heavy heart
As something chopping you inside
Because you are tightly wrapped by your own thoughts,
Thoughts of freedom, and thoughts of fighting back for your land.
The feeling you couldn’t express but you expressed anyway
The resistance you couldn’t do, but you do someway
You know, You hope
When you break the silence,
And when you burn the barriers
That would be the new beginning.
When your struggling souls will be free,
And life will whisper in your ear.

#poetry #politics #Palestine #struggle #resistance #fightforthefreedom #freedom #humanity

_Kainat Mujahid


___Way of Revolution___

Somewhere in Murree (Pakistan)

My heart wants to follow the path 
That’s impassable 
That’s the way of revolution
That’s the way of seditionaries’
why would I bind my feet in fetter of social order 
My spirit is way different than others.

(Translation in Urdu)

Dil jis rah pe chalta hai

Wo rah e dushwar hai

Wo rah e inqalab hai

Wo rah e baghawat hai

Is samaj ki sangeen beriyoon ko kese pehan lu apne pawon main

Mera andr auroon se alag jo thehra.

#revolution #freeverse #women #passion #politics #patriarchy #poetry 

                                                                                            _Kainat Mujahid


Sawaal is an Urdu word which means ‘Question’. This poem I wrote when I was eighteen years old. its been years. Now I’m dedicating this poem for all the women around the world who are suffering, struggling, and resisting for themselves to get equal space in this male-dominated society. cruel practices and oppressive cultural like (honor killing), rape, and murdering of women should not acceptable and tolerated for any cost. Thousands of women are being killed every year in Pakistan … An estimated 5000 women are killed per year from domestic violence, with thousands of others maimed or disabled. Women have reported attacks ranging from physical to psychological and sexual abuse from intimate partners. According to reports murders, the majority of victims were killed by either family members.

I made this drawing years back… 


“What sort of helplessness is this
What sort of darkness is it 
What belongs to me
never belongs to me 
What sort of anonymity is this
What kind of practice is this
someone tell me at least
What I will get in the end
Wheres my happiness
Wheres my wishes
How much longer I have to
 Survive with my tearing eyes 
Why these Hands are lifeless
Why my tongue is tied
Teary eyes
Fetter around the feet
Tyrannical clouds everywhere
Bloodshed in the rain
Long coercing nights
When will come dayspring”.?

(Translation into Urdu)

Ye kesi bebasi hai

Hai kesa ye andhera

Jo haq hai hi mera

Wo haq nahin hai mera

Hai kesi hai gumnami

Ye kesa hai wateera

Koi mujhe bta de

K kiya hai akhir mera

Kahan hain meri khushiyaan

Kahan hain meri khuhishain

Ankhoon main kab tak rahe ga

Ye ansou’on ka basera

Ye hath kiun hai bejaan

Zuban kiun hai heran

Ankhain bhe hain meri namm

Paown mai kun hai berra

Ye jo chaye zulm k badal

Khoon ki barasti barish

Jabar ki lambi raatain

Hoga akhir kab sawera?

#feminism #poetry #questions #sawaal #emotions #tyranny #freedom #womenvoice #humanity #struggle #longliveresistance #honorkilling 

 #stopkillingwomen #stopkillingus #cultureimperialismshouldbeover #itsabouthumanity #qandeelbaloch #hinashahnawaz

                                                                                          _Kainat Mujahid

“Childhood” Something_We_All_Miss…

“I remember when I was making mud house with the clay
I remember those delightful days of childhood
Despite so many complaints 
I remember all gloomy and cheerful days
When we ship in the water
I remember those wealthier days
when we were sopping in the rain
I remember those wild and luxury days
Its been a long time, a long time ago, so many springs passed
but I forget about this universe when I remember my old days.”

(Translation into Urdu)

“Geeli mitti se ghar banane k din yaad aate hain

Mujhe bachpan k suhane din yaad aate hain

Hazaroon shikwe gile hoone k bawajood

Wo roothne manane k din yaad aate hain

Paniyoon main chalte the jab jahaz hamare

Us sukho-o- ameeri k din yaad aate hain

Barasti barsh main bheega karte the jab hum

Wo ayashi-o- beparwahi k din yaad aate hain

Guzar gaye hain zamane, kai baharain, ek mudat

Magar bhool jaate hain hum sara jahan jab din purane yaad aate hain.”

#childhood #memories #poetry #longing #life

    _Kainat Mujahid


I swear of my stupid heart
My heart is very helpless
That’s the only habit of it very much similar to life. And I don’t see any hope. !

(Translated into Urdu)

Dil e nadaan ki qasam

Dil bara hi bebas Hua ha

Bus iski yehi adat Zindagi se bohat milti hai,

Aur Mujhe koi umeed Nazar Nahin aati!

#poetry #life #disappointment #restlessness

_Kainat Mujahid

As- Sirat___


“Who’s saying 
 We will cross As-Sirat after death,
Before death life itself is As-Sirat.
Huh! talk about something new.”


“Kon keh raha hai

Marne k baad Pul-Sirat se guzarna hoga

Marne se pehle bhe tou zindagi khud Pul-Sirat hai

Huh! koi naye baat karo.”

#life #death #disappointment #emotions

                                                                                       _Kainat Mujahid

___Hope is Faith!

“Suffering of the world cannot cease.
Where all the blessings have faded? 
Every face is a mourn, every eye is tearful
Why the oppression can’t terminate 
Ever I peek in the gloomy hearts that
haven’t smiled since centuries
You’ll realize, about the miseries of the world
Look inside those homes where 
Children don’t have a pen in their little hands
Be hopeful it’s not late, its a part of faith
Because the dreams are in the eyes can never be low

(Translation into Urdu)

Dunia ke dard khatam Nahin hote

Jaane kahan Tamam nematain dhundla gayi hain

Har ek chehra hai soogwaar, har ek aankh hai ashk_baar

Ye zulm o sitam kiun khatam Nahin hote

Kabhi jhaanko un diloon main, jo muskuraye Nahin sadiyoon sey

Tum Jaan jaoge k Zindagi main Kiya Kiya Gham Nahin hote.

Jhaanko un gharoon Main Jahan bachey tou Hain Magar

Un nan’ne hathoon main qalam Nahin hote

Baandho Ek umeed, dair Nahin hui, yehi tou EMAAN hai

Kiun k khawab jo ankhon mai Hain, wo Kabhi Kam Nahin hote.”

#pakistan #politics #hope #dreams #faith #patriarchy

_Kainat Mujahid

___Be You! <3

You have to hold on your beauty
There’s no one can take this from you
Just believe in, what you think
Just believe in, what you do
Just believe in, what you are

If not you, then who does
If not now then, when?
You have to command everything you do
You have to command everywhere you go
You have to command every thought of you
Keeping moving towards your way, following your heart
You can command your direction, you can achieve your destiny.
You are a ruler in your entire world.
Be You”

#poetry #beyourself #feminism #freespeech #womenempowerment #socialism

-Kainat Mujahid



Endless silence

A half dream
Every single word turn out from my mouth is against me
Like every view in my around is a farce
Is this the last state of mistrust?
Or a beginning of amazement reality.

(Translation into Urdu)

Ek musalsal khamooshi

Ek adoori umeed

Mere muh se nikalta har lafz mera mukhalif hai

Mere ird gird ka har nazara jhoota ho jese

Kiya ye gumaan ki akhri hadh hai

Ya ek ajab haqeeqat ki shuruaat.